LongShortStories Short Story Contest Almost Had a Winner!

It’s frustrating seeing a LongShortStories Contest entrant shoot themselves in the proverbial foot by not following our clearly-stated rules. Once again, we came up dry.

Some of the submissions were pretty good, but only one made the preliminary cut into the big leagues. And then that person’s entry had to be tossed out because they disqualified themselves.

The simple reason? Their story submission had already appeared on the Internet. (We always check). Our rules state that entries must be “ORIGINAL, UNPUBLISHED (in any media, including the Internet).” And our rules also state clearly: “No simultaneous submissions please.”

We can only hope that in the current Contest season (July-December, 2012) that all entrants take a few minutes to read and follow the simple rules so that someone deserving can win one of our very nice prizes.

Good luck to you all!


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