Welcome to Week Three of the LongShortStories 5th Anniversary Celebration

Happy Father’s Day!

I hope you have been enjoying the Guest Blogger posts I have received during the first two weeks of our month-long 5th Anniversary celebration at LongShortStories.

This week’s Guest Blogger is my very good writer friend and younger e-brother, George Angus of Palmer, Alaska. George and I met a few years ago on the StumbleUpon social networking site and instantly hit it off.  This kilt-wearing bear of a man has a razor-sharp wit, a wonderful writing gift and a heart of pure gold. My wife and I had the unique pleasure of breaking some bread with George and his delightful (now) nine-year-old daughter, Maddy in Seward when we were vacationing there in mid-August, 2010.

Here then, in his own words, is George Angus:

Dear Mr. Long,

I am writing to you today in the spirit of celebratory congratulations. I know that you must be as astounded as I am that your five year anniversary has arrived for your thrilling web site, LongShortStories. For me, it seems as if we just discovered each other yesterday.

These years that we have known each other have meant a great deal to me. As you are well aware, writing is a solitary endeavor. And whilst most writers relish the quiet time of practicing the craft, it can be said that to know you have a friend in the trenches is all that is needed for a writer to produce that next paragraph, sentence and word. This support and friendship that we have given as gifts to each other provides me with the inspiration to write.

Most of us write because we feel we have a great story to tell. Visions of novels and New York book signings power our dreams when we lay our head on the pillow at night. Through the years, I have discovered that you do not have a single story to tell; you have many. These treasures that flow from your mind to the page continue to be a source of entertainment to myself and your readership. It takes a true master of the craft to develop scenes and characters in a short story setting and you, sir, are indeed a master.

I have seen you progress from stories on a web page to published e-editions of your stories for the masses. Through the process of making that happen, I have discovered levels of integrity and craftsmanship that to me were previously unknown. With each interaction, my respect for you as a writer and as a person has grown and I realize how fortunate I am that our paths have crossed.

As you enter your sixth year of short story brilliance, I want you to know how much this ride has pleased me as I am sure it has pleased other readers of your work. I have learned a great deal and what I have learned, I have taken to heart. I am pleased that I am able to “double-dip.” As I reader, I am allowed to be entertained and enthralled by LongShortStories. As a writer, I am able to glean writing wisdom through your style and methods. I am fortunate.

Finally, Wayne, I would not want to leave the impression that our relationship is one sided at all. Since we have known each other, your support of my writing at Tumblemoose has been no less than tremendous. Your comments on my posts about writing inspire a conversation between my readers. On more than one occasion, your comment was longer than the original post! This reveals to me true support for what I would accomplish as a writer. It is rare and it is a treat.

Again, congratulations on your anniversary. One day, I hope to sip lemonade on your porch under a setting sun, reflecting back on this five year anniversary that took place so many years ago. 

Your Friend Always,

 George Angus

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