Week Two of the 5th Anniversary Celebration of LongShortStories

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What a hot day today in Wisconsin! 90 degrees.

Today marks week two of the four-week celebration of LongShortStories’ 5th Anniversary. I hope you enjoyed John Beckman’s Guest Blogger post.

If John Beckman is my eldest e-brother then my next Guest Blogger would be my Vietnam-era e-brother. Those days were the best of times as well as the worst of times. Depending on how the war impacted your life, so was your reality.

So now it is my great pleasure to give you Jerry Guarino from Hayward, California. Jerry is one of the finest short story writers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting on the Internet. Since he has relatives out near me, I hope we can break some bread together soon and regale each other with short story craft.

Friends, I give you Jerry Guarino.

While browsing through new kindle eBooks, I saw “Eye Candy” by Wayne C. Long.  I read the preview and decided to read the book.  I am more likely to read short stories than novels, mostly because of time but also because that is my primary format.  Why short stories?  Well, I don’t think you need to write 300 pages to make an effective point about anything.  Since my stories are little slices of life, the short story is the right size.  It’s also consistent with my working style.  I’ve never told anyone this before, but this is my writing sequence:


  1. Story idea
  2. Title
  3. First paragraph
  4. Last paragraph
  5. Middle
  6. Edit

 There are two more elements in my writing, but I’ll keep those secret for now!  Most of my stories take 90 minutes, start to finish and every story I have written has been published by a magazine.

 Wayne’s short stories are visual, descriptive and remind me of days gone by.  I’m sure we were both raised with classic literature, as opposed to what kids read today.  We had this in common, two old men creating stories based on our life experience.  Not that our work is totally biographical; there are science fiction and other speculative tales in our work. 

 My new book, “40 Slices of Pizza” is an anthology of my best short stories. Although I have only been writing for less than two years, all my stories have appeared in magazines around the world (the United States, Canada, Australia and Great Britain).  Actually, I’m still trying to find my writing voice, that style and genre that will define my writing for the future.  People have called my stories quirky, unique and similar to the great writer William Sydney Porter (O. Henry).  Here are some reviews that describe my work better than I can.

 Jerry Guarino’s Cafe Stories sends his readers on a merry chase through a wild array of micro/flash fiction–humor, satire, and pathos. He artfully captures gentle souls and slick cons, the high brows and their unsuspecting victims in characters that step from the page to engage the reader. Guarino finds the tiniest trait that creates zany folks the reader wants to protect or strangle. Often at the same time. Prepare for the surprise twist at the end. He gets you every time.

Myra H. McIlvain – Author of Legacy


Guarino’s style is simple and consistently powerful, his storytelling a triumph of art over artifice.

Ben Price – Editor at Zouch Magazine and Miscellany (Canada)


Jerry Guarino’s writing reminds me of the late, but great, Jose Saramago’s.  His structure is both unique and compelling, always leading the reader to places that they never see coming.  I applaud anyone who takes risks in their writing, and Jerry does just that.

Weeb Heinrich – Editor of Writing Raw


Jerry Guarino’s stories are a real treat for the reader.  Each story is well crafted with the natural elegance of a natural writer.  The Fringe Magazine has enjoyed his short stories and has had the pleasure of publishing these gems for the past year.

Scott Wilson – Editor of The Fringe Magazine (Australia)


40 Slices of Pizza is a short story reader’s culinary delight. Jerry Guarino’s 40 slice of life pieces are filled with delightful takes on people, places, and things that make America great. He infuses his stories with life’s delights: good food, great music, fine drink, and the emotional roller coaster of interpersonal relationships.  As a short story writer myself, I found his work honest and filled with delightful irony. He is a keen observer of the human condition, and a writer of obvious talent.  I look forward to reading more of his work. He is a master at mirroring to his readers all their foibles, their fantasies, and their forever quest to understand why the wheel of life turns as it does. 40 Slices of Pizza is short storytelling at its best!

Wayne C. Long – Author of Eye Candy, Flash in the Hand and Stories from the Edges

           My sincere thanks to Wayne for letting me guest blog on his site.  I hope you have read some of his stories and please check mine out when you get a chance (free preview samples on amazon.com and my website).

 Jerry Guarino

Contact information:

Website: http://cafestories.net

Email: jguarino.author@gmail.com

Twitter: @cafestories

Facebook: http://on.fb.me/JeGSbp

“40 Slices of Pizza” paperback and kindle eBook on Amazon: http://amzn.to/J3OeKq

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  1. David Says:

    I can’t believe it takes you ninety minutes to write a short story and they have abeen published. It takes me three weeks and more plus about half a day to drag my arse to the computer. You should write a book on your technique.

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